#197 "Wir brauchen den Ausstieg aus der Tierindustrie"


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Friederike Schmitz ist Autorin und Tierrechtsaktivistin. Sie schreibt über die Schattenseiten der Tierindustrie und den Wandel unserer Ernährungsweise.


Dissens verlost ein Exemplar von „Anders satt: Wie der Ausstieg aus der Tierindustrie gelingt“ unter allen Fördermitgliedern und denen, die es bis zur nächsten Folge werden.



DOS-88 – City Lights: https://youtu.be/egKdVELkKVI


Dissens Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA

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00:00:00: Cabinet goes organization smuggling element and began Banshee damage to our fish of mist.

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00:00:45: Yellow to Shaughnessy reinhardt's dissens podcast this water gets here on the invite writing the number and so on Young's visor.

00:00:54: My guest is your tour and for the record Schmidt's decision Iran Pura under such fine a gnostic austerity industry stock market.

00:01:01: The home has a shaft until burst and the massive hit would see on my son.

00:01:05: Viva Diva distended King Magic on ernährung Buffington the rubbish bin bandar actual photograph on the sense.

00:01:12: He's been our host Lucas ondreka on the show he can fish pass.

00:01:15: Music.

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00:03:27: yeah position me a t-shirt contest is over matsuda Magnus substantially better.

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00:03:48: Yeah that's the ocean - Autumn is coming out I'll set you guys will be going to the quiet as or does it off Darcy accounts as if you could take Harbor and there.

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00:04:43: student identity beheld a multi-modal Sanger partner bookish past social vendor on Playstation about it your time.

00:04:50: Yeah that's the way I was really shocked as to scrutinize the frog is known as potato Stan Larsen stock and it will bash breaking trustee should be home in a minute so I put it be why don't you please blame

00:05:00: better self Lake Tahoe has manufactured food commodity of all Gesundheit Etc Pina yeah climate so nice on my roster on base in progress report on

00:05:08: vicent of Steiners victory cocooned in complete Gnostic Christianity I don't trust issue.

00:05:19: Yeah there's nobody is gonna include - Gesundheit on track to Allah & Young's wise is Matilda tones conquered not sealed all the others he attended anguish no upon the meanwhile vision and drain current and Stalin

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00:05:51: an entrepreneur Funland that Jonas three as hi.

00:05:56: Sitting there are Global Goodson and reflection flasher isn't cool and as of Ireland or a Visa and it'll fit on function cannot stand.

00:06:05: As a pie photo

00:06:07: hunt for them a calendar for your mind fertilization which is where our first you have to as I ne and losses faggot Ryan felt it important to put it on Frontier 4.5 ended does has a resonant everyone have a feel and an entrepreneur and

00:06:21: then we are on track out as wagons transition Ian wound and wouldn't be as being even if they're fiorina Garland.

00:06:29: Makes me some food in automated production on the speedometer for conda Landry Natori and aside for terrific team a short second quarter of iron leg and I wanted to offer Beauty vegetate

00:06:39: them onto the Hub know Dianna to Vida flash it's a hurricane doesn't as a TV station

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00:07:01: and I guess the thing is after all she goes eternity is soon a multi problem loser strategy anguish as a philosopher and a van Gogh you idiot

00:07:08: going on did little cause the point is there is an opportunity or a shaitan get the slide that you can't even work some little T and when we are key

00:07:17: tilt a little tea and benefit is a concern massimino happy and not so Peter vanish fan done.

00:07:24: Yeah I'm done you know providing educate condiment of Norfolk and fern others as one does land

00:07:29: inaudible convert or English not on during medical health food and again I mentioned for treating Burns so hot and Super bounce and PHP or our house bottom for Nevada in dodging flat Fabric and US speed of methane in its atmosphere

00:07:46: then one summer quits chemo and biodiversity 20 an impact and landwirtschaft A- M of unshown because less it has pizza find a solution for supported tierhaltung

00:07:56: Creator in fact late 2008 when Capital discoverable in the must refuel Uber fleeing and Vecchia understand or 50 go Pariah body TI degree landwirtschaft is so in normal course with an impact on gate.

00:08:08: Yeah as a duck it's off and there's an unprecedented time on the details on our concerns as pretend the Federated recognized as a consensus

00:08:21: important exam Dimension Dimension right

00:08:24: it'll tear them do wish I had a global ocean along Africana any room please tell us who has kept up neatly good time to JavaScript

00:08:31: this whole by De design Lagos potential limit angle is that we're not as it does here in been we are five yard inflation done or first not movie definitely better than Commander - Emma Stone traffic done in spasmed from Athens 20% reduction

00:08:47: ask does it Global it skipped all any of us Nia Studio fun let's Samia

00:08:53: for Deutschland defendant concentration as a swan Greenpeace after I could give them from uku Institute would be hands in anguish our paths would essentially landwirtschaft but diet and then

00:09:04: endorsement the planetary Health diet umm that's the water planetary Health diet or our planet our Gesundheit any of them with sooner any of them feeling from the internet and I'll come soon these are crazy Daniel

00:09:16: choose a 10 piece of work isn't is ads are committing Planet hankinson fine bar understand fertilized madam

00:09:24: I can consume a Dodge land Predators from unzipped is pretend vinegar click on Zoom as by Houghton flash as a Shriner and then flash so car noises pretend vinegar

00:09:34: permission to not put up and down Jim Nichols filling up.

00:09:38: It forms its potential tool has its own water than the doctors for the landwirtschaft ACT is a studio deployed in Deutschland monarchy have to their flasher they were too high for the there

00:09:50: type of Casa en japón dehydrated a soft entry in wound women down after season 5 and inflation vera plants with water and feed Dusty atmosphere

00:09:59: I wanted my own ton type of scars of poha or vertically landwirtschaft Instagram too fast.

00:10:05: Dream on my time on as it unhappen gonna come to my Dynamic cooking before last and the orange brown in schools and because he stopped their rationale to fire start.

00:10:14: Can I put that on.

00:10:16: No no no that's not true 1999 him soon wasn't keep myself as Xfinity more not know you want one.

00:10:25: That is the strong and Artesia button as well as competent for $10 or this is a Dogma create suggestion by they are consumed yeah

00:10:34: International is on Tina 29 emissions balancing between the human of the production version has fit survived because I was fortunate yeah but look at the practice released by the plus sign can of the ocean itself foot and then lint Nosotros and nonaka engine attention attention it's very Mia about what Jesus needs

00:10:54: couldn't do is Duncan's besonders Floyd I'm gonna send a message

00:10:58: that's fine but in the system yeah to be continued with a ticket is a discuss your does that we had the officers and about to give salt to the DraStic reduction it hits our environment and fun yep as a nation at risk

00:11:09: as well as 24s does not transfer to the wrong 200 good we are Ava.

00:11:14: Watson was like everybody Little tune married and National diversity

00:11:21: it's on a ticklish in India entropy girl.

00:11:24: The police it went to Studio from Naboo from the to shoot to wound the have had a real connection that nobody can really leverage up and doesn't seem awfully sorry man.

00:11:33: When I'm done I'll exact Nayana I belonged is fleischkonsum Smash TV show my good.

00:11:38: I'm Adam uses our games out now novels are written this Alamos Big Time Rush Limbaugh see how portrait is a studio is that's it.

00:11:51: Thoughtless filled filled with notice as a says this into English medium but Penny ante mortem our own club is a half decades traumatic this is what soon yeah I must have a fish taco but he is at evening everybody a little tune impression and start them are

00:12:06: Amos this complex we can okay the our Goodwill tour tomorrow but tofu and another bonus that we but essentially there's not a ton of is yeah

00:12:15: yeah like on my incline ocean ambition was unchosen of vendors Nicholas I convert and unitary literature active admission.

00:12:26: Attention of human Cosmic Squall head into tuned enemy showers your name is immediately we guitars

00:12:35: so opponent began and upon us with flash

00:12:40: many hits my minor crash Max in on Kevin Hart and arrows for a motive in a normal year we can they make today may I teach begun

00:12:48: we describe each the other two competition Muslim biggest and best known for

00:12:54: yeah it's gravity Bullets by tips a game what does s is not my crazy before Sandy practice get flashed off Mia and there

00:13:02: he has wonder if licked your wounds or a motivational shall become on your screen and we often to learn to neue Deutsche marks a leibniz had too much beer

00:13:15: decides to cut this much with the shape I'm not me I'm it.

00:13:18: Der edited and that he had lost none of that's in their videos and Sean van must unlock more selective in what he said there was a fool / there's live music Tada yeah that's associated now dannemora on Doc Martin global forum that your hydro

00:13:32: when does Papa Mia's with us in the beating of colleague scrutinize have made a teaser edited and a shout until this Castle I don t support Elite eight of modernity in Hong Kong but

00:13:40: now I've got this rude and mrs. Soto no harm done very soon realize that's one issue the fits.

00:13:46: As a tool for Danish that profitable is or business like ours and Muslim debate Sublime don't really had a pasta dish soap pump that does kinda create a steel bar so

00:13:56: he hasn't asked the Pumped effectiveness of them doesn't understand last introduction at wish you had my daddy and I bombed Us in his own life.

00:14:04: Susie non-tech tsushima walk away has can offer some positive in Fernanda Envy or jealousy method to design and that's above my batter name workers must have persevered

00:14:14: done that was after positive anxiety yeah it's a Twist elephant up bus Man Mark Weisman Gana is I do

00:14:23: Listen to It's appropriate but interested in alternative not such as a writer who can totally look as I li was get back and see the mark the a realtor to help me shoemaking.

00:14:35: And also by fans and mesh gets cancelled out listen up and then be logical beer every honestly amazing thing bash magnificence in situation so you admit that I'm fast enough but she did not support Pian

00:14:47: points yeah I have a hostage flash person whom Fastener sustained as a vermonter a fursuit oh no Einstein stress that's another just case important meeting began case

00:14:58: done analysis

00:14:59: Fletcher really go by the Thunder is my entire Turn to Stone you can also smacked in the yam in fact later named Anna yeah I'll try doesn't ever knew and we have a flow going to have a crime but first in some push essence of lacquer or a smoothie or a myth

00:15:14: Linz and demand nirvana in court on 38 abortion after he finished what I may as well as the actors in Dish to cognize is for finish lifetime for Soca music I still like a into cling.

00:15:26: You customers we have like my when I chanted up on clanging music Garden as we have done craziness Sizzle no vegan Ali be musically Oliver has this one done Google's have a sinner yes Irish lore to beat him run I'm done.

00:15:38: Google is Handler Hood a bit of Iran began on dunk cam at least 2000 but that firstly he got drunk we had was our backup.

00:15:46: Cops are gonna have a listen I'll put one on top of that

00:15:50: bissonnette found some in order by look at him to thuong's born as he finds them also in his as the other ingredients a grapefruit a cliff I hid my face had super right at have yeah that's my super lap.

00:16:02: That's loyalty it's come to the Lucas ondreka to for greatness tip if you let me have Instagram

00:16:07: finish our discussion we had the Vietnam he paid off Instagram double crystals and women to food super at most of it at guided so to say hi kids it's far 2004 inch by the shiitake medicine doesn't fit here in.

00:16:20: Antenna Marine Ian NADA also historical coaster so crunchy or didn't had no decision fluffy cat.

00:16:28: On December 4 meters tall were reconciled deepness that device was fond of tooth weapon behind me globby cards by my working place in the uniform and tofu grace.

00:16:38: I've benefited or comparable unto the Believers noise Abba.

00:16:41: Also has come on Insta real standout stores and that's what I'm going with this we can leave done all right for her yeah session about relation of interest for Duty as wind speed had soon Zuzu into Google's done my duty to that we can agree to come.

00:16:55: Practice and tip formation while he or can scan a million diamond quartz will dig the senton so Diner trifle light lipstick or period idiots me on Friday I'm feeling can steal once we got an assassin.

00:17:09: Yeah Ashley smokey eyes or a on Nash Mahatma Gandhi I never took a nice intimate dinner for once busy we cannabis Market

00:17:17: yeah that's actually said so true passion media this is awesome the sins of your basic so he fish males demands or two about taking good notes and can disguise your feelings of intense War.

00:17:32: The company's fresh monkfish is so so had fisting me dang it sighs mm oof Eli says God is wasted and.

00:17:41: Do we have for him can

00:17:43: Mohammed Al statically for the Rican the community challenge it's happened in general intellect with the mac's Tusk and untether already Duchamp intelligence human has nitrogen and racetrack.

00:17:54: Did sapna and writer shakedowns our lips we can copy here.

00:17:59: Tipping couldn't as a begun friend Felix will notice first they had often podcast little messy here

00:18:04: chicken thigh cuff pressure and if you're interested in the next function and show notes so like Magnum friends that have a lobotomy

00:18:10: you just summon this term look at America which the community in decimal Lon come on block / out now let's get our Instagram Connie like the idea of here yeah can now naturally sneaking away in book form

00:18:23: he does internet had so few minutes of beaten I'll buy ya later shift + space to English an Americano dilip for the decoder

00:18:31: that's what I never concealed weapon as well as rookies on video video for an anger toward it has of the students who feel like stones a so hostile chicken wing card from KFC and guide not a limit on to corporate up for and that's all videos could cycle if I get elected

00:18:43: whatever you want us you have a special interest in my magazine I had Nick baklava Gangnam

00:18:50: me as soon as a VIP I must not but

00:18:54: 590 broken off the vaccine acceptance will shoot and rumors of a supermarket I don't really hasn't been done our military language guitar even give he's not the son about if you have a costume and can be

00:19:05: yeah mr. that ending on myosin.

00:19:08: Norma and admit Vienna fly from Iowa he had done one passes that is misaligned elephants.

00:19:18: Sounds of feel that option along - this person waggle often as a decision David Haskell isn't happened to my we do that up an English musician my stomach my mirror shifting or diameter Dome one of my

00:19:29: obviously one big Italian government done / Peeta the calendar is not possible merge product own beliefs and happened done

00:19:36: yeah well so it's kind of finish my battery with million of actually meets Morticia of my consequence in scene yeah

00:19:42: done basketball yeah it's just awesome to type post every angle food my book is Donna

00:19:47: yeah done in China would have been catastrophic that didn't even make product because that's all can I go up by then I end up with me resource we have friends on food trucks I am bowling

00:19:56: so did I but side and the m stands on antique cookie shraddha but Clippers would add here that are not Akhenaten of busy pistol made the leap so the British - I important book on.

00:20:11: Yeah I wish my biggest my friend at this hour now as we can as this is under siege by lightness as Burmese Honduras as opinions

00:20:19: yeah that's her if you hadn't begun oven or not

00:20:21: tides and python it won't you know how about the team kind of I guess an old benefits as much my dear and actions are screaming like a it's nice to dismiss for be filled and we want to script or feel a lot with the Kennedy dissimilar violence as a hooligan infant to reach that ricotta Aya as it is gonna be mostly statement as it does take a schmuck and fuck like flies around us

00:20:44: yeah let's find out that all don't put this off lifestyle globish no one get on it man will be that and even adding the ike listener for presented son sister is a Shia yeah leagues honesty whoo whoo no whoo

00:20:55: you know cooking done I'll sue Putin and after team on status and I try I'm not struggling I think the and tsunami Lego organic and thankfully it

00:21:08: doesn't smile pretty cool but I'm push button does it say I have 59 in the pattern the

00:21:14: then let's neon glow your confort Goodwin had two bones ranjana's visor sized under such video HD ghost at tea industry clink.

00:21:23: Station adding a plea agreement on a vintage 30s deteriorate provision comes dust as of our MDOT a tissue publication mff English don't under them the sporty racism different that has

00:21:35: be 50 standard I know is the spoon in some Tema iron and was filmed by track for the actual body butter of study.

00:21:43: As is happed Mischief infirmity 80% of the don't miss our hunger reared in there

00:21:48: can I skip a firearms on climb above a room and been anguished and everybody's a hefty going through there were talking my language

00:21:58: it is a Sacrament required to readers is Patinkin Zone and is most strongly in this

00:22:04: package to friend Anand a few parts in off fortunately our vision for whom the imperial system that hasn't

00:22:12: well darling I don't just feed my own business and I departed as a script so fears would swipe has its own bus here finish in this world application without replacing discussion namely

00:22:22: the item has its own is donors yak-130 Katakana tierhaltung as Ott right position for a Arcadia's Moustakas the fat off analysis while the

00:22:32: nip your initial ask about Advanced site and our husky my cone will da Venda know how I feel about this and gain Kanter gets done

00:22:45: D+ Auntie Em Rehabilitation for leg of mutton.

00:22:49: Put the gun down however javadocs has a good message fiendish as oh yeah Dan Evans when little about it here hi tompa Sue me are t-shirts with some vinegar flash on door

00:23:00: when the sky technicians - is it / that is a look of food and The Messengers of all it requires radical position for Theta album it really station

00:23:09: Todd won't mass number for Schlage.

00:23:12: I'm gonna sing my hobbies me 42 butter does this is also the first and greatest actors of this could hear the word I've never I loved soon but your munch on tonight's gesellschaft horned owl does

00:23:22: that's not an endpoint of the normative chords Compton everybody is that's the governor seems to tell a vegan food in these are finding to Thailand Trident and banner as our official tank is that.

00:23:32: Yes I just flashed on the political environment doesn't us to Laura via its containment in Anderson doesn't us to undiscovered has our investigation to our

00:23:42: he has released its final position work Global fans this man out of you

00:23:46: pull it assigned mission on this in such a vegan feel fine long as young didn't wash it all began with a

00:23:54: yeah this include estima Valley club and heaviness on yeah.

00:23:58: Probably steam of us to my ends up has only he is known as a very articulate naturally or too high again and try it on.

00:24:04: I'm first of all farm bus with spoons name Montes Vidya

00:24:08: some tile done for the pending order from the political of an organization interest in the fog noticed as a tune as I enable an individual and I don't think of scoreboard is solid body politic and equals m thrust of name

00:24:22: on TickTick as itís late as a tendency to loiter also nuclide own Martin finding by Virginia does the thoughts bucks nuts I'll Android and easy booster and the and then Darkness cooked food

00:24:32: nah.

00:24:32: Flight or Flight Training loaded the duty to and the Frog on ausstieg Mattoon the microscope no politician tried on to travel.

00:24:42: Enough lies not on October 22nd

00:24:46: unless it's cut also deep V gun get shine pain management specialty wrecked vehicle and under-run focus even vegan That civilization of transfer of materials on PC land crabs so pristine.

00:24:59: That is so much made of the inside of the radical following creativity and critical theory.

00:25:05: And does this we don't hadn't realized women realistic implicit and he suffered fine Bonham and dance here.

00:25:11: Get down smash like after a long would have you ball-busters tutors the damage but since I'm a bad for him that.

00:25:17: Yeah you think I've been fired as this Mia so some of it how - witness aliens and oxygen to enforce evening.

00:25:24: Link the vegan as water has begun cream a vegan about physical activity card and also Global Collective card that's just a filly was I don't want to get cut in half criticality atmosphere of hidden file

00:25:37: yeah yeah yeah our departed yeah it went from bad anxiety and Karissa the vegan body Sangha as we

00:25:43: I'll stay up past but keep it a teenage movie won't be an issue in my business and toyish that's the initial

00:25:50: invited entire delinquent auction and I can do that notice him then let this as we do argue that assistant our Collective cards

00:25:57: for the whole when Tim's in a finished yet garnishing but we've had Cars Northern and as well get some food in the shape of a Cindy and hasn't harmed the unfeeling transition

00:26:07: to type in this order has revoked license tryna you know Anna when you go to sleep hard when he's next in line while little bit of NASA I was Liam crying.

00:26:17: Buying this damn thing before profit interests in too much pain when yeah definitely sanction the first is I thought my vinegar

00:26:25: the home Standish mayor has flashed all funding under and catch kids camping here get while notion bacteria cause inverter and infinitely events

00:26:40: could take a nice watching I don't that look on gate and then Tim here are the found that often.

00:26:46: God has decided this being Buddha Schmidt has another dimension as the time for me has already directed our media device will be gone come to our survival training

00:26:55: I'm going to twist yeah this is off business you know how to tell us we'll be gone

00:26:59: Muirfield witness fees kettles on indium David only an entire team of hands go numb then when the semilunar clever anti-social anti-sexist assure positooni along too much reviewed in atx12v room

00:27:15: horned owls and deviant required compromise and whose face doesn't match the argument by Allison Cameron.

00:27:22: Kunta yeah yeah that's all finished so it's very often

00:27:28: because when she leaves eyes are done in my focus here and that's because my food is a critical asset else would be one ton Kima activists in in the National Guard Liam and I vanish we can't leave this kind of

00:27:37: consumer activist doesn't actually play television is a niche others on some Island consumed.

00:27:46: Effectiveness must enter hell of an Android I was listening be more significance and as a result had some came from Canada.

00:27:54: Buddy facility doesn't keep talking about of discussion for Delphia but I know is Steve Peters political discussion was so dusty designs alter what does under is the.

00:28:04: Just had to get back into one of them

00:28:10: till evening does mr. super treatment artists - isn't it cool that Lisa positooni wrong getting our Spartan King wanted to confront

00:28:21: ta'rhonda fun-filled and labor Vision when people think that as an it doesn't have a key argument that feels entitled to a good idea

00:28:29: you guys going to be Monday buccleuch as you cannot kind of good an argument at the a clear under whom we are

00:28:37: here to Land the soil to very marked they are good at not even have does vitamins Orton or a wellness okay signs automatically understood was filmed in tune

00:28:48: when they're saying yeah finishes from which the contest he could take and social and collaborative identity button to the quite often November and he's had to cut out these are

00:28:56: conservative position heart and because Organization for Women the Anglican get into the quite embody the client written for liquor in the house

00:29:05: well done at least you try to find the register Association and Clara Barton Elementary began band this is yeah.

00:29:14: Establish to Ava.

00:29:17: Clever dialing the compromise around about a year and them be shot missed us to ministerial decision on this Chaka

00:29:24: yeah desert is a transformation that quantity on this win to become and stats or teaser shine losing fish vendor Diesel and t-shirts on barbason being a leading and chatty Mizzou the Van Susteren must have a decent let's do it

00:29:37: yeah mobile pack home on playing on 75 thousand flights to work on top product if not and Technology I told you I said pure flash on your side is not knowing what it's matters to me again T items can sighs no and get some smokes tarnish my cumin about yeah that's Lucidity problem in it

00:29:52: as we know in the booth on the target respect that I was not some fatir Replacements are done.

00:29:59: By the someone in the Masjid of native oil vinegar not t.i. to Montana bar

00:30:05: like the numbers right and straight on to The Departed community in the fill rate of limb.

00:30:10: Yeah I would ask the shirt isn't about it you had when the input is that a few May and follow up on tonight's this t-shirt order

00:30:17: T of well as the difficulty of all these 37 see a cottage by the end of this is a given its own marketing because of their

00:30:25: industry let's lift your arms I'm just good to shaft and so it had billions who has 13 because nobody I had imagined and positive in pariah

00:30:33: position tribute as love come on and off on me to come on home to your first question I always get is this lightness skill position is that my dear hell of a damn foot here and these in turn interact with them

00:30:43: dances on your light assassin will need to register with a in the Sehun that's the sign of a harmless on you know that thing where he sang

00:30:50: the pounding because to burnish t-shirts fasciae phone as a freshman

00:30:54: for hype me up like super villain and in the bottom two but three stones of her beaten on personal the key fish hydrants farm so much better yara's finish on in between fans in foil or a pinch of Hing vanished again a twist

00:31:07: their focus more about what in danger threatening any homes then the even hints who's darker Plantation and he also hasn't he.

00:31:14: Music.

00:31:28: Zoe committed he could suppose e and it's not my informant be done from distance podcast to thank me.

00:31:34: Den oil support a mooc mr. Smee of vocal vocal cost nose for other senses and then correct our fear.

00:31:40: It's a start so he sold as a humanitarian side poles and if a Gangland yah residing a photo with beautiful on a platter.

00:31:47: I'll dismiss Mets on PC without all four in the swing when do not need a Bible stand by the door he gets fired immediately.

00:31:53: McMahon conservation of soil Ramona to do a case study here make no mind about it - wink North Korea's onto a CD box editions of into Santa Governor artists market so fundamentally David of us up to him and his fellows eat a spoof on Frederica Schmitz.

00:32:07: Candice at video HD cost 80 industry killing.

00:32:11: And in four starts wanted to read about this and start by saying can Skip it's not too late in the show notes on Dove descends podcast all day.

00:32:18: Music.

00:32:30: To her stint Essence podcasts Augustus the art warranty rights activists in Frederica Schmitz.

00:32:35: Yeah last ones that are Norman Bates in detail yet out to Bosh breaking vast and Austin has a story has to know Leslie him mass number then video British organisation HD Cal State University also encountered and Russia emotion.

00:32:48: The menu doesn't have the butter than for I am raadhika real is to shop to own film dust to dust my time books on personal I smashed his daughter the enricoam game Masters.

00:32:58: As a vast Van Alstyne has a destiny Leslie Muslim do you understand himself on the person ernährung spies and a character named Oz was in the airplane.

00:33:07: Yeah I wish Zetas Prime Inspire but I shouldn't

00:33:10: that does is that a mass number of an image anyone would landwirtschaft is itself an island when the enabling is as the

00:33:18: consume that our ignition with the individual consumes on the command can stack and to Institute new name.

00:33:26: I'm inputting woman that's for end understand as offer ends in a few lies down at Activa Max's Kansas had to onion

00:33:34: as a dash policeman's must be fun in a long cable and I lips are fossil to deconstruct push demand

00:33:39: vasopressin vote for basic research divisions and child not that much taxes a life too for I mean a lot of oil on my flash essence or at the bottom and I'm it will be monks are fucking around I might run off the back you come damn it this month is so will our Turkish Pete said no to tackle so Hollow

00:33:55: and that's it will have to unboard invert will feel that Obama that we feel that can cost us had to be attractive present here at work.

00:34:04: Some doctors artifact $1 common in our country out there start country critic to toffee and not so much with the anger board in the Manchester fliegen Field flux linkage tighten as in canteen and men's national true and kindergarten

00:34:18: I'm done come on pies politic noticed but I'm a demon Tia portal tutorial on to plan C sure predictability are marked as mesentery so tabulating machine.

00:34:29: Come on off companion fund information and current atmosphere baboon 30 productive forbidden of metropolis of De clima shame not to use a zoom the time not as fast but helped we present here that we anger prison but

00:34:43: I'm 24 and on yeah this is on par with State Farm on the scanner that it seems the Ensign the plantation

00:34:50: up to nimma Billy guy attacked Eva Besa to gang Chateau Maison LSD flash option what I would do

00:35:00: transition up to or not as a nation I as an attrition of Megamind UND this is a moment of happiness that final moment this is er

00:35:07: office should we use and strength for the next hour of environment they can isn't the moon dust yeah my dad we don't know a lot is not the cream not I'm goona hidemoto that's what Assurance have you find none

00:35:20: does off to any other side turn on after

00:35:23: lots of charts item is the strong again yeah and then a positive sign in or she goes 1803 to organization often associate garage advisor as a niche

00:35:33: giving the land within the hydrogen ions or anions Otis's M50 are attractive alternative in Egypt does.

00:35:41: My some perfectly good too much real shrieks programmer womanize would be harder in an intriguing but I inverted the mid-tier Stella to mark on or off and throw dogs pork Ramen and I nagar

00:35:53: for yaghan in nourish tell invested on Muslims Medina Robertson.

00:35:58: Content as a garnish out of time owner this very complex of 92 billion dollars on is in either start or exertion of co-founded deity cancer

00:36:09: let's not the internal bus trip to and Vikram are Frankie Freeman understood that yet same often bundles understood sonatas yeah fair for Allah.

00:36:18: It's organization as I said I don't know she's not gonna come out real quick that's a photo finish a film about implemented a mask a must.

00:36:27: Guys done with this job almost done with this one that's behind and the rest is King complete the front to front by Avenue bound but it's a shocking story certain lesson

00:36:37: B-57 glad test right in the eliminate social political and 0.79 Nora Temple 14 panting:

00:36:47: Then the Bundesliga on Facebook as impression Battalion strategy.

00:36:52: Scientists busy material we have my little sister to your Glacier steps to Vietnam we do that of blixt there's as a booster web Supermarket consummate word.

00:37:02: Tagging get that opening and closing stronger bombs are in Nepal and India Thailand and leapt to let this has caused a power and protest the Gap I start angle couldn't put it as the ticket sign that said he absolutely would see it and so on.

00:37:16: People were tested us yeah as I've decided yet the annual strategy worse than any other animals politic to order no doubt as activities

00:37:25: Zorba evident as we wouldn't have to ask the eggplant 2080 Zion 100 hi Oscar I waited five minutes and suffered a serious time fancy dashed introns on Park

00:37:35: kutuzov can't run from this address will have to instead of plants live server and inspires investigation 2004

00:37:43: Sheena probably imitation.

00:37:45: This is how does not question community in columns or bookless cave Bahamas named run I'm just finishing a in skeptic and private assets by as well and couldn't even fly but Ivy answers implant at English word but we works are mass number.

00:38:00: Bundeskanzler Yamahas inventor landwirtschaft & Cuenca and advert owned us the initial data isn't a total focus these our own bow

00:38:09: and what are the odds these are noisy items kensei Channel anger-filled word for

00:38:15: as of did I bother ya getting older she didn't work for was its oceans of a Sheen and heightened scrutiny as he playing the tentative any chances for these Shriner English known book is minimized my plots

00:38:28: went

00:38:28: . as a black so to feel confident on blind Burstyn Avatar feels on yet Tejada in a far Advanced when the Australian patent Unbound the right stuff you get game.

00:38:41: When the skin off does it is deeply no problem I had as a Kurdish balaclavas can are Hootie assignment

00:38:48: problem of stabilization by Norman D lb him it's not my day investigation Armageddon the hunt namely Shalom bound

00:38:56: approval done decision Cristo Taiwanese and not 40 holder clemont and Muslims have an amazing scientist for the finish I shall finish fear fear of Iranians outreach program by my team doesn't ask it does

00:39:11: the taken zones resource taxing most of the word toss them up nervo least a certain piece of infinite shine Dusty Barneys

00:39:19: if it's a feature finding that little Ava yeah globalstar and our systems on a stock from this one gift of these Bundchen finding that says outside and financial pain as OT

00:39:31: trying to hide so much present

00:39:33: sometimes all applications from these number plane that you happen to die on definitely I'm talk to him I had fulfilled all could give him the three biggest lesson I feel inclined at which I like absent because his hoof of damage from that yarn and why they hired Mitch McConnell get 14 with there

00:39:50: platoon from transflash.

00:39:53: When does my sexy politica and beated shenton osteopath effective ahead without to vanish now design a yard at Ephesians all-in-one Barton the Coppa Italia

00:40:03: yeah that is empty and transform van from Barnes added as high as you want a chocolatey Triple Threat Anand D to confessed after Stan.

00:40:13: Once you have a basement and it has those miners if man mysticism that they met as a Shahid Kim may get any hunt named Ava in food and the

00:40:22: passage of a mass number of dimensionless numbers on and off she goes at your item 21 into

00:40:29: platoon from transition now smitten done then we have to burn this out Mark

00:40:35: she had an offering I'll just cover only conflict with Nicky and Alex are so filler.

00:40:40: Yeah Mouton on our sofa Tidings misunderstanding I filed on crutches indoors - it has their fizzle.

00:40:46: Yeah but I didn't say I felt against mortality I don't think I wasn't required Muslim dad.

00:40:52: And are being done by stopping and starting better Muhammad activity under its versus Angus.

00:41:02: Does sold decreased the reader stand and what does the winning ticket keep Torah wasn't under the command of the aircraft and DNA from Spain and Club

00:41:11: yeah it looks good so futile fun fact wanna was one called me in a team via its up Leonard and King Street as a twist

00:41:18: because in Flash and myth concerning so much with the omelet with a gun son faster financial interest in our Tec De Amor 9 floors and in love with abandon and 1150 politic that same factor than.

00:41:34: Gibson switch off fun booger in building a polynomial being was a for fleeing yet Zone Olympia

00:41:42: attachment is not trying to touch or feel or dolphins and we does it stop - fire hydrant so because I understand y'all could help but think early on zombies in the let's go.

00:41:52: It's just um yeah the context of the body Karan about this flash yeah that's looking for off and investigators in an association fire yeah even gonna end at least one of fat up in his Partners or angst for for a new home.

00:42:04: A plane on fire in the hole

00:42:06: my disease mentored and repeat amount of this is Protect the Harvest by these entities mouth striking but we find homes for fleeing detect us out Harvesters in these immoral kshitij

00:42:17: even though Mighty to even though that's no lie to this we could easier down the anger confusion on this fat hiding violin as Isis

00:42:26: it can often have invited zut r - King but we can dismiss again then it's a Scottish mumbling was already had this flash or I did in case is again a movement which effectively wine I'm gonna off by the it.

00:42:39: Take it easy product to console me Anand when done him and does every courtesy toward our fight to win it and feel this is the right path soon Mirage and the coffin went for hiding this Tonneau hymns are sometimes built to fighting and they are normally you haven't got a mention here ability I can handle and be okay even

00:42:59: talk English keep that was occupied in the landward in analysis against causes.

00:43:05: Problem generally offer for and long does the critique and inactive and practicing for Nogales Idaho Fish their stocks or up client vytas is critic and in as person first invert as a decedent

00:43:18: love isn't it click feel a in t plus Phi cos Theta and so on when I pass it I ain't that what I DT I don't cut it yet van or borders can be super soon H as H minus Z pursue National targets.

00:43:31: Cause the problem of this make the decision at Lebanese very limited

00:43:35: not literally obsessed dimensions and about a SWAT team so fast and more efficient done yeah that's what does it must be 400 and he's also highly sure understand is caiied you can be yeah it does matter here

00:43:48: no baby not because this one off do Dusty's immorality even a funding from the another crazy

00:43:55: angle Buffett as military skips to pick on it and then be held and a lot of

00:43:59: as a woman laughing a lot easier to get such foolish and escaped after Stevie ganas and I'm fuckin water sits on tight this past weekend

00:44:10: put it through a flanger whom the sets I mean only if they can limbs I don't know as it was

00:44:15: happy happy about run off to I lived on Google AdSense inserting you like Marin and

00:44:21: so then it was exist as an opposition was marinating the whole body and the whole - matter of them it's really Vistas or if it has just one weekend and getting some time ago Matt word about done.

00:44:33: It doesn't weirdest Uber Asian Zone interrogation.

00:44:36: But in an Android by the real Vision fish late physically multi-tiered he mentioned in a flash it was real bad mood so Vitae is

00:44:44: my name talk about Yang Yang Guang heightening don't just put into those in projects you'll know and Desmond and C so angry Crystal field of what I can angle ties know

00:44:56: trust its investigation aspect compact source of infection in Cambodia and yelling spies on the landwirtschaft a such a great personality of pollutant in incite a nerd aubameyang spoken about of in the alongside then

00:45:10: midi flash side would see a non-member Dustin Mark to Burleson persistent depressive building.

00:45:16: And the boat on a frog and would flash in Vegas doesn't have Toya has orders from our petrovna mentions he can fly flies through curtain and so an effect upon Woulda done that furnace no no loaded here is decreasing.

00:45:30: They stand steady fleischkonsum curtain flexed interested orange fats like the flesh who knows that as we begin that matiz automatic or mobile.

00:45:39: Club does anybody actually makris women Dicky McCree size of your bottom am Denmark to buy less than futatsu soybeans which I don't like so much blood from pooling smart about and I'm a I'm a monster truck had so much potential.

00:45:52: The system will cut in and found the outside in the size propulsion one third title in England for Montes momentum a flash.

00:46:00: Consume from flashed and asked by him become distorted a global commitment.

00:46:05: Buses that I'm licked off yeah as a problem the platicas acne fleischkonsum yolk does Amanda.

00:46:11: Look at the lobby since we already cues and fired a gun flashes on Conan on Cannon.

00:46:16: That is the photon done was it initially I messed my abiding comfortrak listen Flash and did about Point yes and taking everything of fire on his Club after snow vendors or tank fuckin apple and some fucking up on gate and

00:46:30: is a mother does not a snarling the salmonella first and it's just one price or take a job and I had to noon

00:46:38: whew Augusta wound as we spent a scan is will actually yes it's like a bicycle gloves on diseases as movie reviews are phenomenal

00:46:48: went the passage cover is the Philadelphia tarnished a casualty perspective at Rainn Wilson as a nerd us

00:46:55: background is his head crushed

00:46:59: from the dimensional beings going to make a flash to as another Dusty accomplice has a you know this is unfair of nzt arm kind of like my life's been going by it as the Heineken meningitis as do it is unfair 25 in this country the omniscient as I'm pregnant I don't like head

00:47:14: I would hope to soon Hoon via tosses a Shanda.

00:47:18: This problem and you see the sun is almost entirely everybody for a wonderful I've known as after the items item yeah it's mostly tequila now to and dispensing lies in con

00:47:27: I know that isn't a Michelin Man

00:47:30: China in the over 20 electoral Autos or whatever you have to near the outer surface and then the another item you see as I go back yard we mustn't in fact here is because I'm to understand that had me mad man Auto Part on top.

00:47:41: Miss miao will bias hexadecimal prescribing him

00:47:46: when it happens but it does so in listen as it was in the middle income that's inside of Nightmares on Sunday at has a Tea Plantation and the borders of goods and so attractive scent that's that's him

00:47:57: well nevermind entities in Socratic has found it here of Edom and Central meeting yeah than Ambien for can rest in color of our eyes and asleep vision

00:48:09: so tootin will buy this doesn't want or don't worry Santa is actually a few fundamental orographic clouds fog would not wish Global Agriculture and asymmetry machine and he'll get ya dances on the yeah

00:48:22: the omelet and wasn't him doctor I'm not here I'm disgraced of cost center to competing in a cartoon and describe and students also vodka

00:48:30: invited us to tune but she had here in the Netanyahu said it appeared that we had angle of your office files I don't know nobody ever seen the Steam Trading Department ever

00:48:40: Jennifer and Daniel

00:48:43: yeah that's what I thought this is your first first event of dividing the Imperial and limbs wise or day the Imperial ernährung cyc kitten and taking Chloe feel it and platillos OT Allah Arabic vinegar loiter in the bed dynamically loaded into the trunk lid yeah sometimes people don't know whole panel.

00:49:02: I'm just constantly Nissan.

00:49:03: Yeah that Sunil on this is globish to competition and to named Fatima doesn't even understand the course by 3220 on Oliver's.

00:49:13: My name's is not keen for the DK2 has to understand that Temple that others do not really I donít even.

00:49:20: The shows about a cylinder valve position clip Verdun fossilized or into Comfort problematic here we go but as well.

00:49:30: Now they're known in Ellen's face isn't breakup songs I'm I'm it name of dinosaur and a very big motivation Spanish Bill had Easter and more taste.

00:49:38: Invasion week long in the Sun and they are On th rate of a mark 2 and focus long we had a nice D to contain Iran was born with this tough Great Divide in the evening.

00:49:49: Yeah as a mutant Fender it might be lighter on to Cotton and projected these intron and as for Martin andar

00:49:58: happy so much land for chapter ship but reboot

00:50:03: versity too much bigger vegan and a collage which often as a grantor be of ikana and bow the eyes of the fans let's do one kind of Nazi heightened kind of organization and our kind of product or fun.

00:50:16: Not stand for Ben David a trip and Zach's a word

00:50:22: own Pataki and last be done impotent with my 2014 on compost on the Vita our our standard Fantasy X HV does not support investment

00:50:32: even though such an organ that ocean flying as a Stage production landwirtschaft as a star as it relates to diversity grrrr

00:50:40: commissioner to lisara energy equation for maximum enough but I've been kind of diabetes are I know.

00:50:49: So without language of the off Buick on the tufted in an earphone Harbour suit.

00:50:53: That's 5 2002 the energy on this middle hyphen and then I'm still stuck quasi-war filament leader than metal sphere comes in don't see bananas have because Community Tab and so

00:51:05: G function so then like after stuff you put in charge decked and so I ever met or director and Commander Adama.

00:51:14: To organization and start none whatever into Comic-Con tea container if this announcement it's super shocking.

00:51:20: What does we are done with the home key and week-long these are missing courtesy as a

00:51:25: Ben immunity causing flash content so much better here again on door we can put up a hashtag and then he doesn't truly for Tyler filthy homework Lima and so our

00:51:34: I'm often has divided him de Madame de can see both teams are gonna sue the collaboration to tiv same design counter.

00:51:44: Dolphins are the most is not under lose one game in Philadelphia vocational collage or losing

00:51:51: I'm going to see some positive number and week-long

00:51:54: it's a kudos to you afterwards cause illusion present here today and so much better in vitro flash or Anna as it is called will flash what exactly about camera flash a Malibu or her Buick reactor English here Stan

00:52:07: well done conduct elevators of flashes begets nor is the sun impunity light on vinegar Uber commotion.

00:52:14: And I see him needs to come as Isis.

00:52:18: I'm a nice little cloud of dust vocalist in there to comfort Scalia is so I intentionally craziness but not invited our language

00:52:25: I don't know but the pot if your energy want.

00:52:29: It seems Miss into your fat ass is sewn to Bashar al-assad's to share technical fix and we present eared word nerd as yes with him the problem losing all notices were Gazette of be filled and Anderson on that deck him yeah that's kind of Life can give us a heart lies because only complete again

00:52:45: I'm a few weeks to get this stuff it seemed because each of the channels vendor

00:52:48: unpacking on doing stuff on craziness applying last night Foundation National ocean of passion for last year.

00:52:55: If ridiculous and smiled diversification was to catch an event has Namibia we gonna unbel definitions are harassed by d Todd christofferson.

00:53:04: Plaza is a report and then the report that evening a resource and a aforementioned for Tira.

00:53:13: Welcome class of oxytocin Canada began landwirtschaft as in a complete fleischkonsum landwirtschaft I English food soon Ian what about snakes too much material for landwirtschaft he cries life.

00:53:26: Flik Amsterdam Papa and what of game yeah as an inspector says of Kazakh the wolf unconventional has atoned

00:53:35: time for band on door estimator and ministers are talking about a supernova Bender.

00:53:41: What is love and a star English as a significant decrease Life as a two- kind of notes Here.

00:53:50: Punta islita and Dusty not Syria garnish

00:53:54: look listing has long sleeves and Kernan as a case of EDS your novel we have plans but are not an end with us on that number nation of a back

00:54:03: understand the nature of Eden took an inborn dammit had no influence in vaccine can that's why I don't care is love.

00:54:09: But then be at this and went on until 4:15 on Twitter than without shine on quite a streak of my cartoon

00:54:17: it's a kind car slavia as mentioned in my father's house named as we estimate on detail product off on done spoon within earshot of and into Latin back on the

00:54:27: tear the ham as a detailed policy and canonization of an axon auntie

00:54:31: canudas all shine buses are before I could fasten harm the highest behind Shannon Kozlov know what the hand on the transmitter to buy the furniture that we must fall off once this organization all the cattle were bestowed Nash often as a domestic stuff.

00:54:47: You can about that not have your party here the food in French Legion of Doom has on students are not mayor

00:54:55: constant apartment of us having too much be a flash for Ben Davis act on let's move it to fun clinically console by mechanic

00:55:04: God is also slang term constant of as an inherited

00:55:09: when done the sooner you think about it yeah I don't want vinegar sauce and soup that's still time for her next we're asking time for her then

00:55:16: tied at your husband get antisymmetric stuff and one other escaped particular and important as windy it's called vicentico vasant oh

00:55:25: UND as we skip magic stuff value on Advance via direct funds and policy and fundamentally and the OSS women I've met are consumed and the hijacking you met here we had another happy argument.

00:55:36: Doesn't travel from Potsdam Institute for climate for unfortunate too much bigger spot under the skin also of dietary fat yeah that's highest end their Vista Christ's love rudaba toy industry our own dragon I was tried on Twitter

00:55:49: often a coupling targets off and that's what a fool I was a llama doesn't proceed heavily tyrannous bank has love the can possibly by the kind of natural hairstyle.

00:56:01: Notorious practice should be the organizational functioning Halliwell tightness

00:56:06: that's not nice of you compost go Martin by experience van has to offer us the about half as much compost it's a non-profit I don't do about a smooth line this is kind of pretty penguin about homelessness

00:56:20: Houghton yawns I to our Corner not steer.

00:56:24: He's been robbed can expect off team can beat Leonard a few Frontier by in the shots on them go scrape instant runoff strongest awesome.

00:56:33: The Olympic underdevelopment MBA from flatus in the landwirtschaft 4M group magazine based on of vinegar tear up in Northeast.

00:56:42: This is your flaking gift of tin.

00:56:45: That kind of looks runs and convicted felon curtain on just done for I'm tierhaltung a Mercury he is just here to productive as can see ya Yin is include certain conduct in ml and then DNA on the cigarette for bezel

00:56:57: well you better cool mist I still got Tema as the car team from this english-born.

00:57:02: As a contractor's Diner has eaten for later Cooter Grand Danny and absolute nap chiffons Reflections on then.

00:57:12: Priced anger past and look harder between 1000 and 2000 okay Pilatus door.

00:57:17: Landwirtschaft between each tier Hilton or gouda shot yeah as Dazzle vielleicht

00:57:24: type of judgment misquoted as you know he's deserved him give tough environment isn't our as a bird

00:57:31: as an image of an slides and when do not tarnish its glowered at the acid fog is in love with as much as well as Solutions in fall on noticed here to help

00:57:43: good luck nouns middle yet since exempt had sustained winds of to the

00:57:47: argumentum ad kind of you mustn't the school and Sebastian Knutson and Denver Honda heighten or are the same profit on Anna

00:57:56: now as we had sustained of innocence and that's not some: do not as weird that I come and discrimination bonding and a curl and these RVs nonviolent and does condemns on Smithsonian background as being Muslim

00:58:10: W9 need us

00:58:12: stiffness as we are but his mind's eye coordination a combination of hidden fire our one most bizarre condition worsened and when we are yet in Sikhism crazy Global no one of the gun now policy and Vern

00:58:26: done brush made of installation do feel very Gallant does empty screen and flashing headmistress beautiful another get a lot of those in Aryan rational student or two.

00:58:37: As I've often occur acted as of your photometer anger board when in Deutschland RT have the Delta s 30-foot amateur production when the dust finally last in the common Room Lounge middle Unbound for

00:58:50: Mandela mentioned one part of the school and garnish because in the same Arena to hear known in some pretty much got some iron ligand from type of gas in the show notes and

00:58:59: first movie Dolphin essence of as other sector and also

00:59:04: custard scenario and my son David has an advantage potent a type of gas emission in has a solution continent and present the annual stand on Bush and Obama can logon often 5 and inflation and it is this town apart.

00:59:18: That's a Twist also Tiana Frank I'm trying to go Bangladesh discard not get a set for Allah mention a guy was isn't as he had stabilized of began a new era began a couple stankin.

00:59:32: Does not wish the file as o'clock it's filler cartoon lives violent Waters in VR to end those of the central shaft gets word that

00:59:42: lick my ass off and I ask for the yeas are since again because I predict City Mongolians accident feet switched I don't know Madison shaft and Jakob

00:59:54: yeah I don't really think that promise not to lose you because the concept of food and also similarly sometimes on a filler and a problem at all so it says yeah

01:00:01: um you know about that's beautiful that's great way to put money in my office just need to.

01:00:07: Danzo are here Hide Moses is highly to forget as well as an argument not variety

01:00:12: in with not Fisher lesson on a empty Nomad and as I told him you would not have known animal like no that's been can't be a hero if he doesn't this

01:00:20: putting it had Niche eventually in the to of Aisa

01:00:23: the constant unless this already has a screen that argument as a high fish is the so bitter so communicative function e Adventures of problematic known as

01:00:33: then but that's actually one of them cool and Linda had volunteer complete from Greenland and neon burn then burned out the

01:00:43: didn't consume 20 a of title Theon was in that I had as much recognition or to demaio idea like a foot of resin and I had known as Linda wound afternoon Afifi vinegar.

01:00:54: It's all mind allotted us a half is garnish not only design had been power of 32 you're gonna happen being in Greenland and yet assembler envisioned its own stake and he has when they decide how I shall soon get them its own business on greenwashing or as gonna add

01:01:10: um Rehabilitation soda cans and tierindustrie and here I have eaten and drunk women never have to iron file your phones on in Neesha the only okay designs oil.

01:01:20: Well done come on this video to look like and what does this do this and acoustic far finished our run as an Adept when we last had met him

01:01:28: and that of Queensland as a message because I thought I could do see our yeah they've done another scan if the Huntsville Alabama crispy gun isn't worried about funding

01:01:37: Pleasant kinds of the advanced.

01:01:40: Yeah against the flaking on land to Matic on this methylation of this Reservoir to most people new thing where you could repeated Bill diversity isn't a A or him I can impart casters for him.

01:01:52: I'll be added for the wrong minute tasks prisoner Convoy just a link in the show notes and can align.

01:01:58: Critical reception room and an office to her and become this Winston get Global we Ghana and Iran would immediately began with guns winning team will kill wesen or Canada or any other mentions that man by now

01:02:13: my back's and invade before Kong it's a soda listen android@home Aladdin

01:02:18: Negan some getting tired as it is kind of tissue female lot is about that Martin Byerly Tia heightened in Africa and is as Minecraft female flasher female this wasn't home guys deserve a manga

01:02:31: as in convinced or are often either Vice much better damn near certain I'd still put all cats are tonight's been very healthy.

01:02:38: Phantasm I don't know testing

01:02:42: this is anxious ging Kaiba as a fruity bestseller that and young Muslim bar.

01:02:48: Confucianism not exactly and H number 1730 limits.

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01:07:26: mom is going to look not as a little hot water cardigan wild and taught side of the dash dance.

01:07:32: Onda Thank You Scientist can I listen to some tunes recounting a Transformer to next session of today it seems of wool to clean my God I should cancel my two nights out in our Schlegel said he must retain water

01:07:42: that's what new link been done from a lot of ego and archaeology marked of keep out water by

01:07:51: yeah that comes is awful a lot but I'm going now Most Wanted darkness and sadness at heeda envisage and one cat and mouse on she'll have to block earmuffs or azuz and I'm gonna skip that Nia and off Garden the.

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01:08:22: I'm on a few for Nets on what under a vegan

01:08:24: so organization won't count the fibers are amoeba my Lord yeah it's about Skip looking ahead and order or what unless he can to bring.

01:08:33: Pull the trigger - he must assume he bazooka steps a few grand - excuse me yeah thank you Tia.

01:08:39: Music.

01:08:54: Yeah that's my cell phone video from dissens podcast for these over her shoulder as your Alibi but manga story or Turin Auntie rights activists in Frederica Schmitz.

01:09:03: I figure I might order your book under sat in the seat and Shout Melinda show notes to have a Alice Business Without The Filling.

01:09:10: I guess next time it is the sense of Italian for other DeRozan cost Louis Martin company of oil and support and the reason it said I'll unload and 14 podcast here in the last positive above are talking of them platform 120 account done where the do further milk lead.

01:09:24: This car is fast enough for me so I'd like to Natsu's Ankara first to her non piston least mad.

01:09:30: Music.