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00:00:00: Bekomme ich crisis is already happening now is nothing of the future

00:00:12: Leon des titanic where is the movie dancing on different auf deutsch

00:00:28: difference is the point of calling.

00:00:33: Music.

00:00:49: Ich wünsche animieren bitte thinking about climate change climate justice and the question of racism of course the races society the issue of climate changes of the tainted by racism.

00:01:03: Buddy luxury stay that the climate movement in itself is racist and we should be the guy that know better ride the south

00:01:10: Daniela trade to the James racist is the climate movement

00:01:23: dicken du musst mit is part of the Society today Bad Aussee und die alle Handy da muss man Cookies heißt das ist seit die vor der Crisis Remake von Nautic in the right action when talking about changing the Society denn da hast du dir battle the rest of the society

00:01:41: bodies were a hold them accountable hold myself

00:01:53: januzaj dahoam welcome to our listeners Outdoor thank you for joining us on the descent show me get this week ist Toni notion Economist and degrowth activist

00:02:04: honey you're actually quite known in the climate movement and we're talking about racism within the climate movement why did you yourself experience racism within the movement

00:02:13: ja das ist ein Skigebiet

00:02:15: interesting for my town because when I started getting involved with the movement into the night.

00:02:24: Mir nicht weiter USA Iowa mit Justin Bieber twitter.com Italia.

00:02:35: Anything different by the regulation and countries a person of color when you walking down the street in in Germany.

00:02:42: The Jojo get off and of course and you get used to this is real.

00:02:49: Zudem in which you are some just random Skinhead girl with the shouting at you and thank you.

00:02:59: Colorado adventure.

00:03:05: Kita Binningen.

00:03:13: Crying with someone and there is one time within the boss the long distance from my girl in the ring.

00:03:22: Müssen hohe all dressed in black and white the galleries and they all together

00:03:31: keine pulling me von really long time in the amazing things no one else the best part of it to do something Navy ship

00:03:39: Kaido intervento Dosen Text Manchester art and design of the people climate movement

00:03:48: The Voice Kids funny people David.

00:04:01: Way of looking at it and shake it off conoscenti Skinhead fashion state of grace and the run like the typical climate justice Warriors.

00:04:10: The specific Uri roten Artikel I link it in the shadows by the way way you say that the climate movement needs hydracid racism the races and within it structures.

00:04:19: Solebad Bad.

00:04:21: The people who let you down

00:04:32: ben and rounded and micropen Entwickler

00:04:35: frei offen fahren der people Hormonpille ich vorher vom Ohio Peter Motorrad versichern Interviews

00:04:42: Dose the one summer of the carry a lot of this real view of off white people being better all this people in the world and then that really awesome

00:04:55: environment Align kann ich Nintendo Kaindorf subconscious japanische Street Fighter 4 Patch Windows 10

00:05:04: deaktiviere mein handy Osterode Bowden episodes where you were actually cut from the picture something with someone that happened to

00:05:12: gerne in climate activist Vanessa in der Karte the battery bitpanda.

00:05:19: Jo Baier press agency they can say okay in the amazing catch the topics of climate change and racism and the connections in the air

00:05:28: hattest du sexuell Greenpeace Förderer eurocatfancy.de Snapshot

00:05:39: der funny-fails in Seiersberg schön Überfall.

00:05:46: Kathrin Henneberger luisana Damian Touareg.

00:05:58: The finishing Tankstelle was returning an aus und dann keine tennistorte ist Twitch zeigt ja den Tag in into it and then I went on the tools.

00:06:08: Wenn du nicht so derbe pictures andere everyone else except me the way the big wheels for my life okay aber der Radiotechnik.

00:06:15: Oder so LEGION OF THE birthday party can you have you

00:06:21: the picture that one friend to take away.

00:06:33: The one is my friend I love in a budget is today

00:06:41: Dinos das mit dem joggen und dann das Franchise erzählt autistisch was ist das ist cool.

00:06:52: Welche Logos we could not care about und so kannst du den Befall that you are the only woman of conduction.

00:06:58: Modell brother page specific attention to murder on the travel the night is the opposite.

00:07:05: Soja Poet ich jetzt nämlich jetzt müsste ich jetzt schon.

00:07:10: Undertaker

00:07:19: brianne Davis Amnestie qeswhic.eu

00:07:25: Annie Rose talk about like you.

00:07:38: To talk about

00:07:39: cities David Nolan N104 zur Zeit gebaut.

00:07:53: Beseitigt man Pfefferspray.

00:08:01: Ja supremia Zigarette lot of amazing people who lived in mir.

00:08:07: Navigation Harry.

00:08:12: Not yet already die Vorderseite Moped über die Cannabis bei der

00:08:25: the largest.

00:08:28: Institution for the climate movement on the planet VOL.at.

00:08:37: Weidgerechte go Inventar mich jetzt selber the very difficult journey but I think on the other side von Ariana Grande Problem

00:08:50: important point in last year to make room for specific discussion and the small.

00:08:58: Stoneslikestones rolling in the trees are bigger the lounge Set industrial adidas Ben

00:09:05: meaningful wanted to your account Statement needs to decolonize itself

00:09:13: maybe you can explain the Batman what that mean from your perspective to decolonize the climate movement about our future ready for the separation

00:09:30: Kalinka ohne Generation der Joana dringen AVUS

00:09:34: reddit competitive rigorous Dennis price this is already happening now it's not a thing of the future anymore.

00:09:41: The defenders of the world redeem Party verlassen Freundin.

00:09:48: Die Filme kinderleicht Community so have been fighting already

00:09:52: very much a lightning Naruto in and out America the beautiful den einleiten mit dem Bus

00:10:07: bringe bitte I beginne mit mein Google Konto

00:10:15: Sortimo Lego will find to see the world listen to read all about how.

00:10:22: The bird is pointless YouTube.

00:10:26: In the sanctuary The happening what has been happening lascannon

00:10:33: könnte jetzt ein Display just an der Endhaltestelle wann kommt die Bahn Studium Fuerteventura dieses Bild lifestyleisajoke bekannt ist keinesfalls interfacing today is coming back

00:10:50: Maßnahmen tambunan unless we made that connection Bergneustadt people.

00:10:55: The tourist has been already fighting the red death and community center in der Kasse Big Island.

00:11:01: Ja going down the word of the have been fighting and there are in Africa people have been fighting against Chelsea Cardiff and community center.

00:11:12: Hast den falschen gegangen vorsicht vor dieser Leistung jetzt heute hier ist die 1

00:11:16: bitte das Telefon läuten Haarstyling Doodle Nordiska Prättigau

00:11:25: this is all connected an verputzte specialist läufst dann wird er das neulich wenn Dänisches Sanctuary alright

00:11:34: The repopulation blind man fair in the 2004 werden mit kolonial the point of condensing Hey

00:11:44: Christopher biographies happening Globuli Zecken AVB auf YouTube

00:11:51: wenn es nur lächerlich what you think you are finally singing this is the point of pain

00:12:04: Collins dekoleiter covid-19 Connectify.

00:12:10: Eroti Tostedt keine remind me of this matter for that down in the climate movement and climate debate in general can I like

00:12:17: ihr armen das Heim Boot von der kannst du keine changing.

00:12:22: Ist es illegal zeigte the way climate changes affecting US differently with the race gender class in Oslo the nation we are burning.

00:12:31: That's what you mentioned or Alice how do you think about this picture we all the same boat and what mother for YouTube if you personally.

00:12:38: Mirame lighting bist du sexuell G4 und deswegen baut Werk Lilian des titanic the movie des Kurfürsten Paul Steinwender

00:12:52: Spider-Man Schuhe feldgeding Bärbel X white Mens running to the walking dead

00:13:02: Messi chaotic Situation so

00:13:05: Friedhof Oldenburg fertilitätsklinik running in the friendly match the sentence and the way we're living in this golden Aerosol MEMS contigo

00:13:23: ich weiß nicht ob du Brote thinking.

00:13:26: Keiner will Personal at the top Scanner discussing whether Heide Gin electric cars 44 the future like this download or I like drowning.

00:13:36: Mir ist egal Klinik Jacqueline jetzt so unfair und dann erkennst du den vor dem Hof meinte kennst du dir Typus wo man kein Land ist ricardo Quaresma.

00:13:45: Bei den schönsten Dingen ergänzen that comes back to when you said die Kohlmeise climate movement is that even within the climate movement

00:13:52: ja präsidentenauto gefleckt Englisch ich es als Hingucker in concert one vs future Event Volker quaschning diese researcher

00:14:02: talked about deja auf Migration in connection to climate change and I was like formulating insane like you need to become climate and stuff like that

00:14:12: because otherwise we will be over run cannot be my princess of the cross of the fight against climate change is connected to making our bodies safe and preventing freedom of movement which to me ist keiner the national this narrative oder user-centered

00:14:29: ihr seid mal genau der keine terrible terrible in London

00:14:35: ja ich will dir bitte die aus dem pinken of writing something gewartet ohne dich frei wild even minipoint aktives Pipo anvenor famous people like like a Jane Goodall

00:14:46: eine Party über discord Nation in half the people who have become responsible for kids

00:14:57: Dusche der Nord und die Dusche jetzt ausgeräumt die christophori Computer responsibility

00:15:03: the ones who have this responsibility of the time is now that shows on the days of the week and present of the world is responsible for any tiposoft.

00:15:14: Solution der Carbon Emission Regression Dummy all living like many people in the way country

00:15:23: define dieselmotorentechnik the way of the shoe.

00:15:36: The Golden voices get hurt the ones Offenheit of the Speedlite skripski and you not know the way I finish Abteilung Budget

00:15:51: auf wann kann ich ihn küssen

00:15:53: bd.nl oder present within Ghana using your privilege Germans carbon footprint is seventy five times higher than ever.

00:16:07: So here if you look into Dart population is not the reason for time phrases and this is not of something the wood the path of you already actually we see that by me this entry world population will already be picked up by the end of this century we will always be decreasing the way I know

00:16:25: Winston Churchill the population ist Sardine Download

00:16:30: ja seine 9 Tonnen Kappe auf der T4 look into this data of what is the root cause of the climate crisis population is not in the far far away the way you talk about us

00:16:47: bei mir hat die du Sunnyvale in the sky you see this right wing

00:16:52: kennen Sie einen adidas Ferienwohnungen Italy shooting stars in the fußwickel

00:16:58: also wie alt bist du Siri Birthday da drin the score mit Crysis wie Colson President that levels of cooperation we know I can't get out of this crisis alone.

00:17:09: Unbewohnte göttingerode bei fighting against each other so what you really need Whitney to starting the right the truth eine covid-19

00:17:18: Willi taking up the responsibility instead of shifting heraus invitalis.

00:17:25: Mikrophasisches danke für die Korrektur.

00:17:34: Bedeutet kontrovers Murmel absolutely.

00:17:42: Why do we fighting very strongly von the beginning the display this discussion Satellit.

00:17:47: Ja das ist er

00:17:57: Nordsee the Piper heart of the Cafeterias.

00:18:03: Music.

00:18:17: Bitte mal wieder eine folge Dissens auf Englisch ich wollte Toni unbedingt in der Show haben und ich hoffe ich schließe mit Interviews in englischer Sprache.

00:18:25: Niemanden aus ich kriege dazu unterschiedlich Aussagen viele Leute wünschen sich mehr Interviews in englischer Sprache mit internationalen Gästen.

00:18:34: Und viele wünschen sich dass ich das weniger mache

00:18:38: weil es schwierig ist englischen Interviews zu folgen weil sie keine Muttersprachler etwas sind ja schreibt mir gerne eure Meinung dazu mir fehlt leider gerade die Kapazität

00:18:47: um dieses Interview für euch zu übersetzen.

00:18:50: Wenn es da draußen Leute gibt die jetzt zuhören und die gut im übersetzen sind von englischen Interviews schreibt mir eine Mail an Dissens Podcast at posteo.de.

00:19:00: Ich zahle schlecht aber ich zahle ja ab und an dieser Stelle möchte ich auch kurz all meinen vater Mitgliedern danken schön dass ihr.

00:19:10: Dissens monatlich mit eurem Geld support it das macht möglich dass ich hier.

00:19:15: Gute Ideen mit coolen Leuten wie Toni für alle da draußen umsonst zur Verfügung stelle.

00:19:21: Und wenn du das hier hörst und noch nicht dabei bist dann überleg dir doch ob du nicht auch Fördermitglied werden kannst es geht schon ab 2 € im Monat.

00:19:29: Ja und total allen Mitgliedern und allen neun Mitgliedern verlose ich passend zu dieser Folge das Buch Climax von Andreas Meilen im schwedischen human Ökologen der auch ziemlich aktiv ist in der Klimabewegung einige von euch.

00:19:42: Wenn ihn bestimmt kennen.

00:19:44: Übrigens Andreas Mal werde ich bald zusammen mit Dacia Mülheim Podcast haben wird natürlich auch auf Englisch sein aber diese zwei Schwergewichte der Klimabewegung mal zusammenzubringen.

00:19:53: Das geht dann halt nur auf englisch.

00:19:55: Ja alle Infos wie ihr mitmachen könnt bei Tisens die gibt's in den Scheune und auf Distanz podcast.de und jetzt geht's weiter mit part 2 des Interviews mit Toni.

00:20:05: Music.

00:20:16: Dissens Podcast Mike I Tonnen Ocean schießen Economist and climate activist.

00:20:23: Funny hair red about you that you grew up in Dhaka Bangladesh maybe you can sell all is the bit how did that shape your path to cry mit Aktivisten.

00:20:33: Eigentlich ein IOS in Basketball dictionary always bei Harry Potter

00:20:41: Shirtinator.

00:20:45: VfB

00:20:52: Panasonic fz300 notapotheken auratone.

00:21:06: Praxis an der Wasabi movement against the wind

00:21:14: Nesmuk Messer.

00:21:17: The saints are coming together original sin the power of organizing coming together nnnn to the thing around this that the whole von kygo.

00:21:29: InFranken.de.

00:21:33: Waiting on the planet.

00:21:39: Von Niedernhall Renegade organizing.

00:21:45: The language to come together race for survival.

00:21:54: Toyota need you organize the protest to save the biggest Monkey Forest of the world in Bangladesch Scott soldier Bass.

00:22:03: Das Allwetterbad Dead Episode entresto involved in that fight.

00:22:09: Urban Gardening dykhausen Löwenberg in Bangladesh soon auf deutsch.

00:22:14: Gummi Gummi Gummibär

00:22:20: citizen Wave Ignitus.

00:22:25: Getting started doing different a friend.

00:22:35: Samsung Reparatur Landsberg Outgoings International international Germany.

00:22:45: Suse Muse der Beck in Taka der USA Strike verhaftet.

00:22:50: My friends for part of this project also pictures of the encoding Utilities mit dem Balkon gestalten.

00:22:59: Danke.

00:23:01: Anime von hier service News workout

00:23:09: und dann ist da der Bitdefender is pure living abroad irgendein Depp in countries with a globalizing and 23 the one the one.

00:23:21: Bierothek Gutscheincode.

00:23:24: So dass Haribo Tennis Wer ist John tot.

00:23:33: Under the German companies involved with the spark Land ist Gold Pfitzner.

00:23:39: Anja Dressing dhammananda aus Deos in the Netherlands.

00:23:53: Anthony sixteen you came to Germany and today you work for the climate and Jojo Urgewalt what is Urgewalt and what do you guys too.

00:24:02: Ja musste Wolfsburger Saison KUG mystify The Black Box defekt

00:24:09: Sabine kornetka

00:24:22: da oder weil Herz ist keine militärhosen was King of the money is going on different

00:24:30: ich glaub mein Erding.

00:24:40: Gemeinde Scharbeutz.

00:24:51: Google play store data.

00:24:58: We will look into the company's Koordinaten any money

00:25:16: Tanja wanna talk a bit more in depth about the connection of the climate crisis and racism

00:25:25: you and others you determine warm and racism to highlight the connection der.

00:25:30: Medicane expandable Smallwood environmental racism or Umwelt Rassismus for German listeners what that is and give us some examples

00:25:39: Unitag bei den bei mir die Weltenbummler ID Requiem to benefit

00:25:48: Tram Info window resources or liberty

00:25:52: like in the mental degrading catastrophic events to frequency all have the same right to clean air

00:26:00: we all have the same right to the evil that there is a big forest and to be able to have access to the forest and enjoy the forest hidden in the middle with you talk that h-brs.de Songtext dont Trust people have different power than you think that power down

00:26:20: to actually Discobus Knightley make a discount Staffel von this and that is protecting Song Lied

00:26:29: the benefit von dem Rahmen der über dich ungern bei dem Teddy just only the view get the dance

00:26:36: diese Temperaturen arbeiten

00:26:43: Gutschein Chirurgie in der pur Wiki entwickelte which did you want to get this party.

00:26:48: Like I want to have to explain the tallest covid-19 bitte Bluetooth and warm and always somewhere in and view with

00:27:07: Navision kann T-Mobile discount

00:27:10: the county wird Spaghetti tomato MiniClip bleibt dann Community einen besteht decided to dump someone too many did well in the place in the people started to testing derweil egal wie dumm und ist so eine Übersicht was to find that this within the specific class Selector begins with people forever and ever considered to have not so much that we sieht das dann jetzt konnte mir zoll.de

00:27:39: factorio reddit social inequalities are the news today don't

00:27:48: in my mental collision unity

00:27:58: ich kann auch platt is racism happens within countries and between country city.

00:28:07: Like da Preise conforms commendation between Nations rise of the nations League

00:28:15: ka Bludenz amen streetnoise the level of people never virsliga

00:28:20: The Streets Tullamore polluted and and the reach an out-of-court CO2 emissions and effects of that between Nation zu außer Dienstag differences Nike

00:28:31: nesseltier aus ist die Ausländer oder der Natel Case happy wheels and Lizzie ist know that what is special about taking out for visual SIM-Karte nehmen

00:28:39: genau derbe cool business is getting very difficult for trusting in Empfang ist ganz schön im globalisierten countries and not trying to for some countries in the woods to open new Koblenz

00:28:53: wie du nicht mal da bist kannst Genesis switch to Windows

00:28:58: Bediensteter know this companies were used to making money out of guilty discontinued

00:29:06: the time to go to Africa to Bangladesh and beyond.

00:29:14: Ich bin der Cousin des ganzes du beide außer diesen Seiten andere Szenario dass wir Sie deshalb in den Palast ten years.

00:29:22: The dream that is right now you already mentioned de confessions narrative als Kreisrat kleine the path had one could save others liked.

00:29:32: Oder Gabel justice approach climate justice movement and there is also like in the center of Earth society as one could say

00:29:40: the story of green growth and making up the rhythm and market Screen Android

00:29:47: how could describe this alternate if there it is the rain play

00:29:52: right now and why do you support like the climate justice and especially the decrease prospective witches

00:29:59: Berry skeptical when it comes to making capitalism greener and a striving for green growth white.

00:30:11: Wie küsse capitalism is because of the way the producing the waves are using the moment how Ergonomie ist Rachitis

00:30:20: climate crisis TWG Sophies i like how can we we need anybody fifty years ago for you somebody told us that Whitney Gleichung des Planeten wurden probably there is something the way without deutsch what they always say the climate crisis

00:30:46: Soundtrack the covid-19 attack Nico

00:30:49: kennst du biochemical mento ich über die this is not attack Nico ich all inclusive Swiss Carbon Emission

00:30:58: ist gültig oder serial Riolu in b94 Davos discover from the bottom.

00:31:06: Den Harrow Diebesgilde 34 because I can we see that this connection is close links with this possible Industrie in if I go back within the descent

00:31:19: to hundred million euroskill Obi

00:31:22: against climate policy to support climate denial Twist think about the house at the disco this power they want to measure the prophet ran entweder sister movie Hassan laut.

00:31:36: Porto PI to the Paradise overwhelming auf Bikinifigur sch

00:31:48: Sweden

00:31:49: Gilbert Ibrahimovic über die habe ich auch gesagt in der Hand off you Original

00:32:10: BFI anything to do if you look into how to reach out to bring the Rapper the sun

00:32:16: people who has brought Loncin in New Zealand Picasa bringt weder für die Franzosen solange du die lessingpark by the sea level rise and changes and I have got some Bankers

00:32:26: Industrieservice St. peter-Ording mit apocalypse nnd Kai to defend develop security system where did you even when everything's falling apart Akkudeckel

00:32:46: mir ist gerade aufgefallen dass in der online Therapie Duo fiber dynamics elektrisierender Bad distopia.

00:32:56: Denn wie wir leise DVD Kapitel ist der beste Chor des Kreises when we can't go out of the sky without fondamentali.

00:33:05: Talking Bad System change Yvonne Bieber gesagt es wird Blinkerschalter ist Windows because it's way more than that is not only but reducing carbon emissions reproduce the studio Tower production

00:33:20: Elefant ist keine Dannhauer relationship Internet.

00:33:23: Ja Abo Vertrieb Revit you know about technical solutions Browser changing the relations of people and their production 300 only if you see you there in the climate movement breathe when it comes the big Brothers Tricks Center Lake

00:33:39: Fridays for future maybe because it seems to me a place i'm not sure if I'm over critical part

00:33:46: der Lord concerned with technical viability studies like the one that I love you and that's perfectly fine I can reduce carbon emissions with the queen of Anarchy sons of the dead

00:33:58: Buddys bei bethesda.net covid question whether the night like this fundamentals System change in all Postgres Society could work actually

00:34:08: how I organize a production consumption and stuff like that there is good reason to believe that it's not enough to just call out the new energies Rebound-Effekt the devil but that we need fondamento changes in Hawaii

00:34:22: Lifte gestern how it is something we are not far enough when comes the dead and we should Puschmann the direction Hotel jetzt Ortsende.

00:34:31: Ja frech wirst du voll der friedliebende türkisch

00:34:35: sorry we will find the devision NATO Personalservice that is the data you need to go to hundred

00:34:42: physiologische codycross Museum handwriting to Simon and anything on the strategy of a bottle

00:34:50: like to thank God we have to be very am ready Corina analysis Mathematik implementation' point

00:34:58: Bild Level

00:35:00: Maimonides nuclear Wesen within the movement area different levels of what would you please wait to the evil within which difficulty to make Dart Wirksamkeit

00:35:17: Liestal.

00:35:18: The Reducer engaging with people who are so far out and then there who stole in die Defensive Hurricane

00:35:29: go to the die große the forest

00:35:32: ein Tukan auf okay da ja okay you just irgendwo da haut es wird gezeigt ecology wann wurde die Monto technically solve this is the part when there's nothing but

00:35:43: i would want to engage with anybody who Dennis willing to ja okay maybe we can proceed with this way Center starting with you think that

00:35:52: Taubergießen Kanu

00:35:54: dan Küchen von dem already gone bad YouTube five and fifteen twenty twenty

00:36:06: binden Preis handelt keine Push stern.at.

00:36:09: Huawei satalia BabyOne

00:36:19: ja wie hast du mich bitte gerne gerne aerovital gegraut Vitanas naked 1 Wort voodoobeat Empathie Coaching modern sowie wunderschöne Bussi

00:36:33: the end of everything

00:36:38: gucciletten

00:36:45: in in der Mine das hell gesagt geschlossen die Einreise Pinguin charismatischen

00:36:51: Emily Winters schalte die Datei wie hast du ihn durcheinander deswegen tante pushing

00:36:56: disappear within without without radical changes we want you to solve this good weather Cineplex Sally Alter das perfekt luisen-apotheke Kanal

00:37:13: try to connect the practical and also the short-term

00:37:17: thinking with the visionary thinking because the crossing is quite much and rise to the rafters donaldtrump.org with what you think about the Green New Deal narrative in Dead Szenario because.

00:37:32: Kennerspiel that in Germany at least and Oslo in Europe at large maybe this is not pushed in love.

00:37:41: Think I am at least meiner compared to the United States world NYC

00:37:45: der Ukraine tissue is connected to the Green New Deal narrative live from the left Politiker prospective discover speaks to this transform to speech and decisions of connecting.

00:37:58: Social issues with the transformation in into the new world

00:38:02: Ambros o amor transform and if I to the Postgres Orm Oppland demokratiekritik ein economy

00:38:09: mir ein equiva cyp.net fantastischen hier drinne zu bezahlen Sie das hier in the taking it is now visitlead Haslinger lotto.de clean seine minneapolis-saint ja Elektriker than expected that looks like

00:38:32: ja außer wir sind in der dänischen Kaninhop in case of germany Justin Bieber dating

00:38:41: bitte mich frei du kannst William gay dürfen Gruß Experimentierset ladyfingers

00:38:48: der ist auf Kurs geht es ist immer schön mit dir als Wortart Dispo anderes Avenue somebody

00:38:57: Davos credit eigene covid-19 Sony vs oneplus 2

00:39:04: good in many ways it is always many different aspects of the day

00:39:13: Greenwashing the husband of criticism of data as well so here I did you think that one thing is the door opening.

00:39:23: Die Post using da

00:39:25: this is not in love this in a digital world of movies that thing that okay ja das ist Google something that we win we like the Coroner the state of the damned

00:39:38: gar nichts ist wie es sollte hier zum Hut auf Manni der Koffer Mehrzahl willing to inject into into the economy and going to.

00:39:45: Shakin that kandov release of the one the one the release in the wedding do on the Discovery

00:39:56: diska Lucy Schulterpartie Rocky Pacific tut

00:40:00: toki pona here I go again.

00:40:11: Einen Motor mit Pause wurde kaum was hast du so ein Mann hier Nightingale Selters Paul dead

00:40:17: Willi Pusch seit YouTube Olli CNN government willing is it really possible to go for something better than anything to dream wieder Gräfinnen Kallisti Obi

00:40:32: okay bitte smaller bits and pieces and Hank F-Secure

00:40:38: David Villa del Sol of what to do in the area for the movement

00:40:44: damit muss man bei Ausländer da keine Weninger Bildaussage Baby mit der Politiker der friend forces at this point of you.

00:40:53: Jan radzuweit Nikon F4 that everybody is concerned with Corona anyways and the climate risk an affair this site but what Corona from my point of view also shows is the units

00:41:06: think about

00:41:07: economic safety one wheel think about the issue of changing our economy to make it viable in terms of the climate and there is some progress when Fridays for future for example

00:41:19: connect with the Union sind Germany find some countries economic hardship and catalysis of course the crisis there is this concern for this site by climate movement and I guess you are the Economist

00:41:31: kein Autogramm von der direction.

00:41:33: Reteaming point is it possible and the law of cosmetic Polizist auf der NFL look into the history back in the days we are somehow.

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00:42:33: Mir die for you es war in the drawing with

00:42:43: ja ist so easy and angeschaut alarab

00:42:47: Minigolf 100 Schilling dexter Dhabi Police so just wanna take the pain away the want somebody that the government

00:42:59: Noten a picture of the day that you have to

00:43:04: ja bauen tut es mir selber leid wenn man keine aufgegossen Diskothek seitwärts konfigurieren Roller tolles ist das gut instinct gold willst auch zurück

00:43:13: assistant du als Discounter oft Reset evil within the expected utility from our side we have to fall together then we'll make people see how the death of Justice

00:43:27: desconocido anruf Letzi hobbit covid of this comment package is it possible to protect the the the the the the

00:43:36: talking mit H Simulator mit packages could come in the place everywhere that economy is possible to Redshift

00:43:46: mit der Tag die Chance der Motivation an vera Stucki Station Hobi Agentur factory Agentur support.

00:43:53: Der ist greater or not so great Panther we look at the Winston Churchill never let it go to waste Raid we should use every opportunity to the fight for other issues bei der Tanja Gruber tickets

00:44:07: keiner difficult like after decades of neoliberalism and political apathy to get through the people and to make your visions sie beide bereit

00:44:17: Tanjas in Outlook

00:44:18: just wondered regarding the local and global environmental racism that we talk about the shortcomings of the climate movement that we talked about NASA the margin with perspective of people of color like yourself well within bekannt nur mein ganzes aidiyet Wald

00:44:32: What do you think should be the best for what for the climate movement strategic way in the next year is so special like in this Krone situation which makes it

00:44:42: eben Meuteführer trade so what you think it should be the way for what

00:44:48: do a lot of organizing mcchrystals organizing keine viel historisches Abdullah eventwerk bin fighting for different Ministry of Sound

00:44:58: Nissan ministries of some important political Secret history du solltest auf YouTube illegal people could convince der.

00:45:09: Politische think we should really starting discussion in the local community the town mcphillips travelland velikanov.

00:45:17: Mobil ICE Lord of discussion.

00:45:21: Got into the center of local Chamäleon Senderlogo Parlament Schönefeld

00:45:30: the thing would be to start of the Heidelberg Baby Burst write on the weather United colors of Tanks account of working

00:45:47: Sami international perspective seid in Dartford DNA der Weingott in point.

00:45:53: Videospielindustrie movement radikalisch big brother social change we need but Kanal activation and solidarity among the movement the movement eingeteilt in den Willi würde die

00:46:08: starting at making this

00:46:09: palissy old.net mitkommen in people's minds oder Deus ist cutting King years

00:46:20: why do I need to maximize why should we not CO2 reduction Ricardo universe of the absolutely necessary for the one

00:46:31: denn Verfärbung von Minecraft base

00:46:36: hast du jetzt schon die Anordnung kann man sonstigen Studentenwerk Tübingen gerade sagen gesagt coming so once we can really make this discussion

00:46:44: comelit Icona mich dann wurde Queen that is possible to take that fear of modern is anybody Radiologie Dessau.

00:46:55: Hallo Falko die Datei die Drillinge des Ausländer policies more

00:47:01: wir sind denn in Ebersbach Sachsen Cannabis hat gewonnen und seine Verwendung.

00:47:14: Police to be much kostenlos age of Tanks Tanks.

00:47:22: Des Monats Passat regarding a political action to see any privilege the way of doing climate the actor with some like for example S3 be more for radical civil disobedience Teil politics like Ende Gelände for example

00:47:38: Morandi hat das zeitlich form is like going into parlamentari politics wie sieht der Witcher 3 priorities any of this tools

00:47:47: why don't you make it the friends

00:47:52: bitte ändere sing let me down to the devil celebration and we need everything when everyone to reach the medical spectron.de Kultur i need a lot of young people do casamento I find the ones within

00:48:07: ja oder nicht so mit wie viele dieser wir deswegen Tastings U14 in das System wenn er will woanders

00:48:13: ja gut heute Tchibo zugeben konnte der Parlament in Monster dan dan dan tubidy solution deviljho.

00:48:21: Bist du Mitglied Angel Jürgen orthodoxe covid-19 mini Keyboard when there is a car in the spirit of the horse the people who is inside the structures

00:48:32: policymakers tuose Push Vergewaltigung

00:48:45: entwürdigend sowie die Daumen felizes.pt wegen Disco.

00:48:54: Veniti Bundesliga singende Gelände Lord of the Rings Lexikon Tutti.ch

00:49:06: zindagi covid-19 could say anything

00:49:14: Power Rangers of the mission and how much of the mask Raid Internet

00:49:26: the Freddy collection on the sunny day between sorting.

00:49:30: We went like a lot of the warrior Justin for one

00:49:36: YouTube i really really together reddit

00:49:45: one for everybody in Kanuverleih biscuit what's the most radical can't get in life what we can do all together.

00:49:53: Dani Fink you so much for joining in the distance Podcast with the pressure.

00:50:01: Music.

00:50:14: So das war der Distanz Podcast für diese Woche schön dass ihr dabei wart zu Gast war Toni notion sie ist Wirtschaftswissenschaftlerin und klimaaktivistin schaut mal in die Schau Notes da findet ihr weitere Infos zu Ihrer Person.

00:50:29: Und was ihr dort auch findet sind mir ein paar wichtige Infos zu den Veranstaltungen für die ermordeten des rassistischen Terroranschlags von Hanau vor genau einem Jahr.

00:50:38: Am 19. Februar jährt sich dieses furchtbare Hassverbrechen und es gibt Kundgebungen Demos und Gedenkveranstaltung in ganz vielen Städten schaut doch mal ob eure Stadt da dabei ist.

00:50:49: Dann ist es wichtig denke ich dass wir die neuen Menschen die da ermordet wurden aus rassistischen Motiven dass wir die nicht vergessen dass wir an sie erinnern und dass wir zeigen dass wir wütend sind und dass wir wollen dass sich so etwas nicht wiederholt.

00:51:01: Ja sagt ihre Namen Willi Viorel Paun Sedat Gürbüz Fatih Sarac Oglu.

00:51:08: Pferde hat unwahr Gökhan Gültekin Mercedes Kipper Caglayan velkov Hamza Kurtovic.

00:51:17: Und Zeitmesser hat Chemie das sind die neuen Menschen die vor einem Jahr 19. Februar 2020 von einem Rassisten ermordet wurden.

00:51:26: Von heute ein Jahr später muss es heißen kein Zurück zur Tagesordnung rassismus ist ein Problem dass uns alle angeht.

00:51:33: Und damit es keinen nächsten Anschlag gibt müssen wir fucking laut sein.

00:51:37: Damit sich was ändert in diesem Land ja das war's dann auch von mir an dieser Stelle mir bleibt nur noch zu sagen passt auf Euch auf und wir hören uns dann nächste Woche.

00:51:46: Music.

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